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Beware of girls working in niteclubs and bars.  Most of these women are prostitutes who strangely don’t even consider themselves to be prostitutesGirls in bars will want one of two things. 
1) They will talk to you be your friend and have sex with you and want money up front.  Their pricing over the last few years have gone from very economical to more expensive than the price of acquiring a high class escort. Why has this occurred, they have become greedy. Most of these women also practice unprotected sex and have sexually transmitted diseases including HIV which is a massive problem in bali.

2) They are looking for a boyfriend but their idea of having a boyfriend has nothing to do with love or having a genuine romantic relationship. They want someone to pay them, not on an hourly or daily basis but on a monthly long term basis. While the lady is not with you she will be acquiring other clients short term. When you leave she will be looking for another long term boyfriend to be their client. Finally yes they will be risking their health and their client’s risking the spread of STD and HIV infections. If you are looking for fun don’t take this risk.

Speaking of night life, Bali has it all, with all the frills and fancies. Sensual massage parlours, karaoke bars, male and female companionship, it's all happening here. Bali is famous for its massages known by the names of Onasis (body-to-body slide massage), ReFreeze VIP (21 finger massage) and many more. Something here will touch you deep, literally. What's a holiday with no romance at all? The hangouts are aplenty and available across budgets. But, the best option is to have an escort who can help you experience it all. Someone from your fantasies. Someone who does not speak English. Someone who speaks your language? Someone like who appears in your wet dreams…It's just about making the right choice. Seriously who would want a lonely holiday with no interesting company? And for those for whom interesting is not enough, you have plenty of exciting options to choose from. The options available for fun are as varied as Bali itself. Rugged beaches, serene coastlines, curved mountains, mystic valleys, interesting people, ancient arts all come together in the form of a friendly escort to maximum the joy quotient of your Bali sojourn.

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